The pelting rain crashed against the broken window glass of the dark garage, causing the abandoned dog to shake. Thunder booming, lightning cracking—he couldn’t remember ever being this scared.  He’d been in storms before, but not like this one.  He didn’t like storms, had never liked them.  Why did his owner shove him out of the car and leave him?  What did he do wrong?

As he lay on some dirty rags trying to keep warm, he thought about the home he used to have.  It was only a shabby old doghouse in a dirt-filled backyard, but at least it was something.  He was never allowed in the house, even in the winter. He didn’t even have a real name like other dogs. His old owner just called him “the Dog.”

Always chained to a tree, he could barely reach inside his shelter when it rained or snowed.  It was hard to keep warm, but he curled up in some old carpet and did his best.  The grumpy old man who had owned him gave him food and water, but not much else. Especially not love. They never went for walks or rides, and he didn’t run and play with anyone like other dogs did.  Even the neighborhood kids teased and taunted him. He never had any good experiences with humans.

A light bounced around the garage. It didn’t come and go like the other flashes, Maybe his owner was coming back for him.

 “Anyone in here?” the voice called out. 

He shrunk further into the corner. His heart pounded. Another light moved around, and it came to rest on him.

“What’s this?” said the voice.

The Dog didn’t know what to do.  Should I run?  Will he hurt me? 


What will happen to the dog?

What exciting adventures await him?


Read all about it in Finding A Forever Home

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A percentage from the sale of this book goes to Animal Protectors, New Kensington, a local animal shelter.